Geometric Sherlock The Cat

Geometric Sherlock The Cat - student project


For this project, I decided to use my cat, Sherlock as my design source. Sherlock is a tabby with beautiful fur that gradients from brown greyish to a beige cream colour. He has distinctive black stripes and spots which creates amazing geometric shapes throughout his face and body. As a cat, Sherlock has a hunter instinct and his fur adapts to whatever situation he is in. I decided to use this idea of Sherlock as a hunter and to use geometric shapes to treat his fur as if he was wearing armour while on the hunt.

Geometric Sherlock The Cat - image 1 - student project


As part of my sketch phase, I focused on the decorative brown and black shapes to create a pattern in the drawing. I exaggerated some of the shapes to create a geometric flow throughout the design and to highlight features including the eyes and fur around the ears.

Geometric Sherlock The Cat - image 2 - student project

Illustrator Design

Once I scanned in the stretch drawing, I proceeded to create the shapes I needed with the use of circles and ovals in Adobe Illustrator. I refined the positions of some the of the elements of my original sketch to create a geometric flow between the shapes. I enjoyed this part as I learned some new tricks in Illustrator to create the shapes I needed with ease and proficiently. It also slowed my design and thinking  process, so I could figure out what I need to do to help the design work best. Once I work out my shapes, I started to select my colours from my image source (and from real life) and filled in the shapes.

Geometric Sherlock The Cat - image 3 - student project

Adding Elements

When I filled in my shapes with colour, I added some gradients to create some depth to the design. I want the eyes to stand out, and convey the idea that they changed shape from oval to circle. Some fur texture was included in several of the geometric shapes at different angles with tones and some extra elements to help finish the design. For the background, I created a flat shape from the outline of the cat shape, and repeated the shape create a pattern.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating the design and a big thank you to DKNG Studios for teaching me some new skills. I'd love to hear some feedback, so please let me know what you think.

Geometric Sherlock The Cat - image 4 - student project

Alan McArthur
An Irish designer playing with shapes and colour