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Monica Galvan

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Geometric Madness

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I found this course to be a good “creative” break, not something I’m used to or would normally do but that’s also why it was a fun experiment. It reminded me of the days when I used to draw geometric patterns and intricate floral designs as a kid. What’s interesting is I still see some elements from those past drawings in today’s which are probably part of my “creative voice” as Shantell mentions in the course. 

First I experimented with various markers I have to see which lines and strokes I liked best.


I decided on two touch markers with dual tips, one with a fine and broad tip and the other with a brush and medium broad tip. The dual tips also made it easier to transition from one line texture to the other within each drawing.



I especially love brush tips for the unique marks they leave.


For the first of the rapid-fire drawings, drawing while standing up. I taped a piece of paper onto my fridgerator and began with these first three drawings.




Next in the series is to draw while listening to music, first with familiar and then something a little out of your comfort zone. For something I love to listen to I put my Elvis Presley playlist on shuffle. Since this is music that puts me at ease I believe that’s why there are more organic and curved lines, something that accompanied the melody of the songs.



For music that puts me on edge I clicked on the iTunes store and found the first thing I couldn’t wait to turn off, something with a heavy, incessant banging that didn’t seem to have a rhyme or reason. Of course what resulted is something slightly more disorganized and random.


While rotating the paper:


Draw while blindfolded:


And for the fifth and final exercise, draw while talking aloud. I actually found this one to be the most difficult as I tend to shift concentration which would lead to either pauses in speaking or drawing and is probably why it seems there’s so many things going on at once here.



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