Geometric Leaves and Moths | Skillshare Projects

Geometric Leaves and Moths

First off, I really enjoyed this class. It was very infromative and really opened my eyes to all the pattern in my daily life and the work that goes into it. 

My inspiration for this piece has evolved greatly from what I originally started with, but I ended up not liking what I was going for. So I changed things up a bit, and I can now say I am happier with what I have produced. 

I started off sketching a Lotus on a paper bag that was lying on my kitchen table, but decided to turn it into a geometirc lotus  to give it some originality and make it stand out. 

After playing around with converting it into digital art it turned into this :

I was originally inspired by the colors Chartreuse and Salmon paired with black to add contrast. 

While expirimenting with making a pattern out of this, I just wasnt feeling it. So I used what was becoming my motif of turning things from nature into more grometirc shapes. I think I originally got this idea from the last few seasons of Breaking Bad, when Walt and Jesse used the chemical, Methylamine, which had awesome geometirc moth logos on the barrels.


This is my mock up  of the Moth : 

Finally I decided to forgo the Lotus entirely and focus on the Moth. Below is the final result of an evolving creative process. 

So there you have it folks, my pattern attempt :). 

Thank you, Elizabeth O. 


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