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Veerle Pieters

Belgian graphic & web designer



Geometric Impala

STEP 1 : gather some resources

First step of this project is gathering a couple of good photos of the animal of your choice. I decided to draw an impala. The male impala has beautiful horns, and their head is just perfect. 


STEP 2 : start sketching

Below is my first attempt. I didn't do any other sketches… just couldn't wait to get started :) And I know from experience that I'll do a way better job in Illustrator anyhow, but it's a definitely needed step for sure. At first glance I think I'm off to a good start, but maybe I need to take this geometry just a little a bit further still. The connecting lines of the ears and horns to the snout is a good starting point I think, plus there is a circle and an centerpoint in here too. 


STEP 3 : start drawing the shapes in Illustrator

Scan the sketch in, place it and start drawing in Illustrator, then choose a color palette. I digged into my old Adobe Kuler colors, and found a nice set of colors. It includes a red also, but I decided not to use it. I don't think it would work here (never tried it even to be honest). Most of all, I wanted to limit colors to maximum 4 in total.


Final result: 


Almost there now…

STEP 4: Add in some textures

The final touch is to add in some textures. I used cow a fur texture that I tweaked a little based on the cool techniques I learned here. I used the texture in a dark and light version. They're added as a layer on top set to multiply. For his neck I applied a gradient mask overlay, so it fades out nicely towards the bottom. On his snout I used the light texture and gave it the light paper color.  For his ears I used the dark color, but I added the light transparent blue gradient back on top. On the paper background I used a watercolored wood texture, which is also overlayed on his horns.

Final result:



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