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Anghelos Coulon

Franco-Greek designer living in China.



Geometric Elephant

Thanks to DKNG for yet another great class!
I liked the idea of drawing a massive animal, like the bison, so I decided on an elephant. I prefer the shape of the african elephant's head over the Indian one, so I picked some pictures of african ones to make my moodboard:

And here's my first sketch:

I started creating a geometric outline. I cheated a little bit on the base of the trunk, but the rest is pretty much all ellipses and circles:

Here's my progress so far (there are still a lot of details to add, but I decided to play around with gradients first):

Here's my latest progress. I'm not very satisfied by the centerpiece, but I'm kind of stuck, and I want to finish this thing :)

And here's the final, textured and halftoned version. The texture might be a little too heavy, but I'm pretty happy with it! Thanks again to Dan and Nathan.


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