Geometric Animal: Moth Illustration | Skillshare Projects

Denise Blaauwkamer

Game Artist / Illustrator



Geometric Animal: Moth Illustration

Hi I'm Denise Blaauwkamer, I'm a Illustrator and Game Artist. I used to work in Photoshop but lately I'm also learning to use Illustrator and by following this class I really learned a lot of new things.

For my Illustration I decided to make a moth, I used different species for reference.
I really like the patterns and colors on some moths and thought that would make them a perfect subject for this illustration.

Here is my sketch:

So it took me some time to get comfortable in Illustrator and to get the shapes I wanted to have. I also tend to change my designs half-way through but this time I tried to stick to it. (okay, I changed some small markings)

When I got the hang of it I was having a blast, I will definitely continue working with Illustrator in the future.
So here's the final result:

(I applied the texture in Photoshop because it just didn't want to work out how I wanted it in Illustrator.)


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