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Betsy Soler

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Geometric Abstract

For this project, I decided to reproduce an image I found on Pinterest although there were some things that go way beyond this course.

Here's the original image:


I created a basic outline of all the elements by using the ellipses, rectangle, polygon and line tool. Then I rearranged my shapes more or less on my canvas using the original image as a guide. Once that looked good, I head on over to Tumblr where I found these pictures of a road and waves.

If you're curious everything else I did that was not covered in this lesson:

  • To drop the images inside of the shape: I dragged each picture into Photoshop, which created a layer above the shape I wanted to put it in. Then I put my mouse between these layers until my cursor changed into an arrow pointing down. Click option and drag down. You can use the move tool to adjust the image right where you want it. 
  • I used a pattern overlay on my outer circle to create that fuzzy look.
  • In my layers window, I selected my triangle layer and clicked the dropdown menu (next to opacity) and selected "multiply" to make my triangle look transparent. 

Finally, I added the text and centered it. After I saved my image as a PNG, I realized the quote is too small. Nonetheless, I'm incredibly proud of the outcome: 


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