YiRan Carroll

Art Director




GeoDeco - a merge of two things I'm into at the moment, simple geometric shapes + art deco. I put together a moodboard in PhotoShop (got a little crazy) and found that I really like geometric shapes, art deco, chrome and a midcentury color palette. I'm not sure yet how all this is going to come together, but definitely having fun so far!

November 17, 2013

I created some sketched based on my moodboard. I was particularly drawn to geometric shapes like perfect circles and polygons.

Then, onto measurements. I liked the first and third designs best because they seemed most consistent with my theme "GeoDeco," which is based on my moodboard of geometric shapes and Art Deco design.

I think that in the manufacturing process, these measurements would have to be tweaked and sized for narrow/medium/wide faces. But for now, these are based on the standard measurements provided by Coco & Breezy.

And finally, I've applied colors and materials to my designs. I named the first one "GeoDeco Bromia" because Cyanocitta cristata bromia is the scientific name for a northern Blue Jay, and the cornflower blue frames remind me of a pretty blue bird.

I named the second one "GeoDeco Carraway" after the narrator from the Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway. This is because I incorporated a lot of Art Deco elements into the design, and the classic round shape of the lenses remind me of the glasses in the oculist's billboard which looks over Manhattan. A runner up for this was "GeoDeco T.J."

I had a lot of fun with this project because it's a departure from what I normally do - graphic design. I learned a lot from the process, and am excited to have completed my first piece of fashion accessory design! I'd love to hear your feedback!


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