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Geo Garden and Flourish

Hello everyone!  My name is Josie.

I began my project by taking a nice long nature walk.  I brought my camera and sketchbook to capture any plants that caught my attention.  Here are some of the photos I took:

Next, I searched my house for pretty things to add to my physical moodboard.  Here's what I came up with:

With my moodboard and photos to guide me, I began sketching.  I filled about 15 pages before scanning them into my computer.  Here are all of my sketches, ready to be worked on:

I digitized my scans using a combination of live trace and the blob brush.  Here's what my motifs looked like before I'd chosen a color palette:

Here's the first color palette I chose, which was inspired by the Pantone Spring 2015 colors:

And the final pattern, which I called Geo Garden:

I also experimented with the re-color artwork tool to create a few more versions...

Once I'd finished my first pattern, I chose to create another one with vatiations of my original motifs.  My second color palette was inspired by an Origins ad I'd torn out of a magazine:

Here are the motifs for the second pattern:

And finally, the finished second pattern, which I called Flourish:

Overall, I'm very pleased with the way my patterns turned out!  My Adobe Illustrator skills were very rough to start out, and the lessons did a wonderful job of improving my familiarity with the program.  I was nervous to begin working, but the process quickly became enjoyable, relaxing, and addicting.  Everything became much easier once I started experimenting and having fun.  This class was an incredibly rewarding adventure, and I'm so glad I enrolled!


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