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Steven D. Elliott

Designer from NYC



Genuine Men's Magazine - Men of New York City

Adam, Let me first start off by saying that watching these video and the process of how you do your photos has been an absolutely awesome. You've got such a way with speaking about taking photos and It makes taking the class a lot more enjoyable.

It has given my the confidence to go out and shoot people without asking or trying to stage the scene. New York City can be an intimidating place and I'm glad I'm taking the class. Thanks for your time.

ABOUT ME - I'm not a pro photographer at all. I'm a graphic designer who love men's style and I've expressed that by starting my own online magazine. I thought that buying a camera and taking pictures would not only be great way to have my own stock photography for my site, but to also be inspired by. 

Would love to hear ANY / ALL FEEDBACK !!

Edit: When editing in Lightroom, I notice a-lot of grain. Think my ISO was a bit high. Will learn for next time.







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