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Genuine Imitation Art

Brand Proprietor : Brad Turner    Locaction: Delaware

Brand Name: Genuine Imitation Art  / 3EYES    Brand Solgan: "Question Everything"


Main Site:

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Instagram: 3EYESArt    Twitter: 3EYESArt    Vine: 3EYESArt

Email: [email protected]

Demographic / Customer Profile: I wish to connect the Genuine Imitation Art and 3EYES brand with anyone that enjoys cool pop art with a social and street art twist. I like to draw my demographic in with with the use of recognizable images and memory association.

Consumer age: Any

Price range of appreal: Affordable with in each garment. i.e - T-Shirts: $20-25; Hats: $25-$35; Accessories: $5-$15, = Affordable quality products.

Price of Art: I approach every art sell like this: I have sold art to friends for as little as a dollar and I have a had commissions that can be $3,000+. The bottom line is, I want you to have the piece in question rather then aspire to own it. Evrything is negotiable with in good reason.

Detail Shot of myself finishing up a Gallery Installation at the Chris White Gallery, C. early 2013

Introduction / Brand Story:

Since I was little I have always liked and appreciated various forms of advertising. Specifically advertising characters. Advertising characters have become iconic forms of culture significance in popular culture, from the Michelin Man selling tires to Bob’s Big Boy selling food. I hope to introduce Kid3EYES into the world of consumable goods and flourish with a keen sense of awareness.

Origins of Kid3EYES:

This was the first Kid3EYES Image I produced in 2008. Mixed Medium Collage on canvas. Ink on brick, 2012

Kid3EYES was conceived through the filter of street art and satire in 2007. The Kid3EYES image coupled with the simple tag line “Question Everything” brings about an idea much like an advertising character and a specific slogan.

Hand Cut Stencil, Spraypaint on Canvas. Gallery Installation: Chris White Gallery December 2011 / January  2012

Back Story:

The reason for the three eyes is, every truth has three sides, much like a triangle. I use each eye to represent a side of the previously mentioned triangle. Each eye sees it’s own individual truth, the three corners of the triangle, three sides to every truth.

- I have an interpretation

- You have an interpretation

- And finally what actually happened.

The tag line “Question Everything” comes from the idea of questioning your surroundings and educating yourself. I believe that the best way to be informed about any particular subject good, bad, or indifferent, is to be properly informed. By educating yourself the notion of “Questioning everything” becomes a way of life.

Genuine Imitation Art Is the umbrella catch all I use to construct and conceive my ideas.   Whether I am designing for a freelance client, working on commissioned art piece, or designing a product I wish to produce, I work with in the ideals of producing the highest quality product possible.  Genuine Imitation Art or GIA is the encompassing Idea that you should not judge a book by it's cover and strive for excellence with in your respective field. Although taken in a cheeky manner I present the Genuine Imitation Art name in fun way, through the many different mediums I design in. Genuine Imitation Art literately speaking defined as:

Genuine: Truly what something is said to be; authentic

Imitation: A thing intended to simulate or copy something else

Art: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

 The word and meaning of "Imitation" taken in the unintended playful way of poking fun at the establishment.

Origins of “3EYES”

 As a young kid I was into normal age appropriate activity like skate boarding and Art. As my passion for skate boarding took flight I noticed that when I would go out with my friends to skate in urban areas, I was more drawn to the surrounding street art. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy skateboarding and skate culture still to this day, but my eye was developing for anther form of expression. Through my fascination for advertising and street art I deiced to take matters into my own hands and begin the journey of becoming a street artist. This was C.1993 and I tried many different pen names and finally while I was attending West Chest University, I came up with the name and the concepts behind Genuine Imitation Art. The Name “3EYES” was a longer more symmetrical version of writing eye or eyes, both of which I was writing at that time. I thought that given I was developing the idea of the three sides to every truth. I could bring in the number 3 to represent the idea with in my pen name. I began honing my hand style and that is when I decided to explore bridging my fascination with Advertising characters with my passion for street art. And, 3EYES was born as a vehicle to introduce my passions for creative expression to the masses.


Mr. Johnny Cupcakes and myself at one of his lectures at St. Joseph's University.

Product images from some of the 3EYES over the years. Proof of concept designs I am working on.

Finally thought:

Kid3EYES is a simple interpretation of an idea, the idea of questioning everything. Much Like Bob’s Big Boy selling Food, Kid3EYES and Genuine Imitation Art Brand is selling, knowledge based on doing your own homework and on particular topic or viewpoint.

This was painted at the first legal Urban Art event called “UN-Capped” in Wilmington Delaware, I was also one of the organizers as well as a participant.

Genuine Imitation Art is 3EYESart and 3EYESart is Genuine Imitation Art, they are one in the same with the same mind set. Genuine Imitation Art is the apparel branding name and 3EYESart is the branding name for the fine art respectively that portrays the ideas of “Questioning Everything.”

In response to "Original Fake"

Yes - I agree the name “Genuine Imitation Art” or “GIA” is very similar in feeling to "Original Fake" or "OF" for short. I have been branding both my art as well as my apparel designs with this name since 2007 and through to the present time. Original Fake made and produced products from 2006 to 2013 and is currently not producing anymore-new apparel other then the vinyl toys that are produced by both Medicom and KAWS. Furthermore, although I do share some of the same influences with KAWS, but we do our respective work completely independent of each other. I have a tremendous respect and adoration for both Original Fake and KAWS. I can 110% promise you that “Genuine Imitation Art” and “3EYES” are completely independent ideas and self-containing brands.

Taking a risk and jump of faith!

For everyone that writes a comment on this project, likes the project, follows the project and writes me an email with your shirt size (Shirts are limited in numbers) and address will receive a sticker pack along with some extra goodies. YES that is right I will send you free stuff in exchange for your time. I am more than willing to share the love! Thanks in advance and I will look foreword to hearing from you in the coming days!  [email protected]

Brand: Longevity and Legacy:

Simply and plainly put I wish to construct and conceive fearlessly and with out bounds. I wish to produce times less art and functional design goods and products bearing the Genuine Imitation Art (GIA) and 3EYES names respectfully in to the future in a positive up beat manner while remembering the path that has brought myself to the present.


At the moment I am looking for investors in any shape or form. I am very eager and passionate about Genuine Imitation Art and 3EYES. Please feel free to contact me and we can open up a dialogue.

Extra Credit:

Lesson 3:

Thanks so much everyone for your support over the years! - Brad


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