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Jason Mack

Co-Founder of Gentry



Gentry...Work Hard, Play Hard.

Gentry is a clothing brand based on all of the great things from the 80's & 90's, from music, cars, commercials & everything in between, basically life in general and how those things influence everything & everybody now. We chose the word "Gentry" because it means; upper or ruling class, people of high social position, well-born noble & most powerful people of a society. We want everybody that wears Gentry to represent all of these definitions plus other great meanings, because we'd like for everybody to teach & be great at all times.

Our logo(the block) is a combination of a childs building block & a brick.

  1. We chose the building block to represent the youth & childhood that we all had. Pretty much everybody has played with or loves building blocks or Legos.
  2. We used the brick to represent the adult in us all that we're living right now. And we also added aging to the brick to represent a person getting older but still intact & doing good.
  3. We combined them together to say that if a person played with blocks/Legos as a kid, they'd grow up & use bricks as an adult. It can apply to everything. If you liked toy cars as a kid, you'd grow up & deal with real cars. If you loved art & crafts as a kid, you'd grow up to paint, draw or a have a love for art and etc.

We used the eras of the 80's & 90's because we grew up in those eras & we feel those 2 eras took everything from the previous eras, put their spin on it, and made it way better. And now everybody copies, uses, and can't outdo what was done in those eras. Our goal is to let everything be a cycle. Let adults show kids that they should always work hard how they see adults doing and for adults to know that no matter what they do, enjoy it and have fun like they did as a kid. Working Hard & Playing has all of our tees we've done so far & also our "Introduction To Gentry" documentary.The Original Gentry name & logo...

The Gentry founders Afrika(Right) & Cheeze(Left) with Hip-Hop artist Curren$y.

Our Gentry supporter Pedro in our Black Original Gentry shirt.

Gentry supporter Tiawana in the Black Original shirt & 1 of our stickers on her phone.

1 of the Gentry teammates Mike out in New Orleans, in our FingerPaint The World tee.

A closer look at the FingerPaint The World tee.

Our Gentry teammate Smac in our White Original Gentry tee.

Another Gentry supporter in our Black Original Gentry tee.

Our Gentry teammate Tyler out in Boise, ID in our Black Orignal Gentry shirt.

Another Gentry supporter in our White Orginal Gentry shirt. 

Our Black & White Gentry shirts folded & ready for package. These shirts are available at & you can also watch our 'Introduction To Gentry" documentary.

Some Gentry supporters in our Black & White tees.


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