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Ashton Woo

Founder/Craftsmen of Gentlemen's Gentlemen Project



Gentlemen's Gentlemen Project

Gentlemen's Gentlemen Project

Gentlemen’s Gentlemen Project will groom young men not only with style but with knowledge. This will give young men the hope that they can reach new heights in life and also motivate them to be positive leaders and craftsman. The project will mold the minds of young to ” be the change you want to see in the world”-Mahatma Gandhi. As gentlemen we all are born with the ability to improve another person’s life. And that means everyone has the potential to make a difference. Today with the absence of good grooming from a gentlemen perspective the Gentlemen’s Gentlemen Project will serve as a purposeful environment where young men can come get advice and get unanswered questions answered. This project will be the breakthrough message for the society we want for young men of our society. With the Gentlemen’s Gentlemen Project it will be a constant whisper in the ear of young men looking for guidance on becoming a well groomed gentlemen.

                             Founder & Caftmen : Ashton Woo

Name:Ronald White

Age: 21

Birthplace: Atlanta , Ga

What is my story you ask? Where was my struggle ? Life itself is a struggle but everyone goes through their own story and ultimately writes the script with God as the author. My struggle came around the teenage years of my life. It was more of a mental dilemma than a physical one. Being an adopted child from birth presents its own problems , but not until you’re told by ones you call brother and sister are not actually related to you. Being the age I was I understood and accepted the situation as such. But as time progressed, something else came to the light. Most foster children are fortunate enough to have some sort of contact with their immediate family whether it be a parent, sibling, or close relative. Well I wasn’t one of them , all of my foster siblings had someone from their immediate family to have contact with while I was the only one alone with no knowledge of who I was or where I came from. All I knew was that I was a kid born in Grady Memorial Hospital and was brought home by this wonderful woman I called my mother. What a phenomenal woman she was. The true definition of a superwoman. Not only did she raise my siblings and I , but she practically raised her sisters, nieces, nephews and etc. Everything I did she supported 100% and pushed me to do what I loved. She knew my passion for dance and regardless of what anybody thought she would push me to be the best but not forget why I’m doing it. If it’s anything I remember from what my mother left me is to do all things 100% and more because if you were passionate about what you’re doing you wouldn’t even think about hesitating to slack off. Losing her was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my life because she was everything to me ; my teacher, my counselor, my comforter, and most importantly my mother. Now that she rest in piece I realized that I must get back to what I love and what brings me joy because that’s what she would want.

Styled & Vision direction by: Ashton Woo

Instagram: @iwoo_

Photography by: Charles Morrow


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