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Gentleman's whiskey

So my project's main inspiration is whiskey (thank you for the reference in your welcome video Mary Kate). I considered doing a GENIUS Ron Swanson quote, "Clear alcohol is for rich women on diets" but ultimately went with "Whiskey - it's just water and sunshine". Simple, to the point. But maybe I'll start a whiskey series and do the Ron Swanson quote next?

So, I love a girl who loves a good whiskey. And I love dudes who love a good whiskey. Keeping in that guy love/girl love theme, I'm thinking my overall feel will be masculine (gentlemanly, if you will) with some feminine accents thrown in.

Main elements: plaid, navy, burnt orange, mostly script with a fun serif font in the mix, feminine accents, maybe a strong border around it so that it doesn't end up looking too feminine

In my word association practice initially I could only think of "backwoods", "beards", "moonshine", "bonfire", but I knew I didn't want to go that route. After a little research I starting going in a more refined direction, which is when I decided to go with a "gentleman whiskey" theme. Here's my list below:

And my moodboard! I love a good moodboard.

gentleman | mercury glass | script font | irish pot whiskey | whiskey jug | plaid print

I'll be back tomorrow with some of my sketch exercises!


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