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Gentle Breeze

When I think of "quiet", I think of a remote beach where the only sounds are soft waves and a gentle breeze ruffling the leaves of a tree. I am hoping to use texture to really illustrate all of this- soft sand, gentle breeze, easy waves, bright sun. Here is the first step of my project: 

For my color scheme, I used the Color Guide tool in Illustrator to find a pallette that includes the colors deemed necessary by nature i.e. water is turqoise, palm trees are green (back to Jack White's rule about some constriction inspiring creativity), all on the warmer side (as warm as blue water can be) and complimenting eachother without too many contrasts:

Here is the layout of my project. I'd like to add some texture to the sand and maybe subtle lines on the waves:

Here it is with some edits and texture. Any other ideas for texture?


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