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Scott MacKay

Graphic Designer



Genius Juice: A Cure for Common cases of the Mundane


I started this project wanting to create a liqour label of some sort, preferably targeted to the prohibition era. This seemed great and all... but it needed something more quirky. I came across some snake oil and whiskey cough syrup 'medicine' packaging that was completely radical and made the decision to create a 'medicine' formula. 

Here are some notes on the thought process, as well as some mood boards with more notes and a very small amount of sketches.  

I really like these tall boxes and will probably end up doing something similar.

I started my copy brainstorm, below is the very small process that lead to "Genius Juice - Cures everyday stupidity!" Or something like that. My next step is to write some more copy! 

started thinking about the box, as well as the main graphic - not sure how im feeling about it. Im also not the greatest at sketching, but giving it a go! 

I started sketching in more detail and heres where I am. I thought alot about how much copy to bring onto the cover of the box, but I'll work on the heiarchy to keep the messaging simple and organized, instead of removing bits. I like the amount of info on it right now. Plus, I can load up the back, or the actual label of the bottle! 

Im pretty comfortable with where this is headed! 

OH! i also want to develop some kind of wordmark for the "Bottled By" Company. Or maybe just a signature of some kind. What do you think? 


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