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Genesus1991 Sales & Sourcing


Genesus 1991 

The word genesis is defined as the origin or coming into being of something. 1991 marked the origin for one of the greatest dynasties in basketball history. That particular year is used to represent the beginning of starting your own dynasty. We spell Genesus with "Us" to represent that all of Us have a passion. We are all connected in that way.

We started this brand to signify taking that passion and turning it into something that will be remembered forever. Genesus1991 trys to step outside of the box so that you can too and create your own dynasty that will be passed down for generations to come.

                                    Genesus 1991, "The Beginning of Us"

  • Line Booklet -  With the line booklet the buyer will be able to flip through it to get a better look at the products being offered. Here you can see that the first eight pages show closeups of the designs. The following pages showcase what the designs look like on a t-shirt along with the item # and description. The buyer can then reference this booklet to place an order.

Cover Page

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Back Cover


Due to production issues, we are sill in the process of getting our lookbook made. The website will have the lookbook posted very soon.

  • Order Sheet/Credit Application

                                                        Order Sheet


                                                 Credit Application

  • Promotional Materials


- These three stickers will be the first of many releases with the Genesus1991 caricatures pictured. 

                                                 Kicks On Mars





                                                       Got Dunk?



-POP (Point of Purchase)

                            Cutout Board of Genesus1991 Caricatures

- When a buyer places an order of $350 or more, they will receive a custom, 1ft cutout board of a Genesus1991 caricature to display in the store.

  • Methods of Selling:

1.) Direct to Consumer - Online Web Shop


2.) Retail Stores - Concentration - Boutique Shops

Method of Selling

Independent Sales Person - For my brand I will use myself as the salesperson. I have gone to school for marketing with a concentration in sales.

  • Seasonal Deliveries

4 Seasons - Fall/Winter Spring/Summer

  • Industry Timeline:

"At Once" selling

  • Pricing - Profit is different for both t-shirts sizes S - XL and 2XL because buying a blank t-shirt size S - XL is less than a t-shirt size 2XL.

  • Complementary Brands - Based on the price of my t-shirts, here are some of the complementary brands that I'd expect to see displayed around my brand:

  • Production

All of Genesus1991 graphic t-shirts are manufactured in house. We buy a blank t-shirt, get the size tags sewn on, and then they are screenprinted/tagged/bagged at our headquarters. Quality is one of our top concerns. We believe with in house production we can have much more quality control. 

Sampling Process

Although we don't get our t-shirts printed somewhere else, we do get the following things made or developed for us:

1. Size Tags - Our manufacturer for the size tags sent us photos of the samples as opposed to mailing them to us. They used the ruler ask us exactly how much we wanted it moved up or down.

2. Developed screens of designs for screenprinting

3. Hang Tags - Each t-shirt sleeve will be tagged with a hangtag as shown below.


All inventory is kept in our headquarters, which is a 1200 SqFt space. From here we will hold the inventory, ship out the orders, and do sales.

Fullfilling Orders

All orders will be shipped from our headquarters using USPS.

  • End

-Genesus1991 is in the beginning stages of starting a brand, but we are well on our way. We believe our message, designs, and quality speak for themselves. Thank you for looking into my project.

-Manny Renteria


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