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I'm working on a logo for a company called Genesis that makes lamps and other vintage electrical things. This is one of their early prototypes:

I began my process with some sketches, mostly trying to decide how to draw a G. I knew I wanted it to be scripted, but wasn't sure quite how much. G is similar to S in my opinion...a difficult letter to draw well.

Trying to work through this step fairly quickly, I have chosen to start vectorizing this one:

I believe it has a lot of potential, though I realize it may be a bit unbalanced. In this stage I was mostly trying to create a "G" I liked, and I believe this will do nicely.

Update 2.10.14

This progressed slower than I hoped for awhile, but I'm getting back to it now. I've started the vectoring process now, and I think the G is starting to feel pretty good. 

Still some spots to work out, but overall not too bad. I've had more trouble with the rest of the word. My first attempt was a little too spread out. The script was interesting, but I was worried about reproducing it at small sizes:

So, I tried to modify this version to track the letters in tighter and thicken up the stroke. It feels okay, but I'm not sure that there is really anything too interesting about it:

Obviously some thick/thin and general scale relationships to work out, but even at this point I'm not sure I loev the composition. I've drifted towards this upward sloping italic, just because it's what I'd imagined, but I'm not sure it feels right anymore. I decided to try to redraw the letters with less of the incline and less of the italic feel overall:

This feels a little better to me already. I like how the terminal on the bottom of the "G" could flow naturally into the "e". I am still having trouble with the spacing around "s-i-s" area. I will try now to work through the "enesis" section to add some width variations. I'd love to hear any feedback you have!


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