J.R. Kienle

Programmer at jSoft Apps Software Innovations




UPDATE: Just fixed so many bugs, I don't have the room to post them all. Check out the latest build at http://generhaters.jsoftapps.com/play.htm

Survival Mode is now live! Check it out on the webplayer build!


The CIA recently found out about a secret project on a rouge island outside of Cuba. The project was designed so that the only power in the world came from that one island. You're an elite agent, and your goal is to infiltrate these bases, and destroy the generators, before it's too late.


Work-In-Progress Level Screenshot:

This level was created in about two hours.

Here's a little webplayer demo (hosting thanks to jSoft Apps Software Innovations}


Thank you for reading about my project!

EDIT: I'm now adding a new game mode to the game called Survival Mode. Basically, the goal is to survive as many waves of enemies as you can. This will be added to the next update.

EDIT 2: Here is my first draft of the level for survival mode


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