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I have been working as a graphic designer, primarily an employee, for over 25 years. I have just secured a full time lecturing post in interaction design and I will be saying goodbye to a number of longterm clients, clients with whom I have built up great working relationships, clients who have been very faithful to me and I to them. 

This isn’t a bad thing, the opportunity is opening up a new door, a door that will, hopefully, allow me to pursue a long term dream.

I would love to develop my own fine art practice, not as someone who paints portraits or lansdcapes or bowls of fruit. My passion is abstract art, particularly generative art. 

I have always loved Sol Lewitt and adhore Manfred Mohr’s generative work.

My teaching career requires that I learn a lot of new skills, specifically coding, in particular HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript. For a designer this hasn’t been an easy task and I’m still wrestling with it!

But this journey has taken me along new pathways and opened up new possibilities, rekindling creative areas I was exploring when I was a student. 

So what is my business model?

I have been experimenting with different pieces of code to create my own generative art pieces and I have come to the point where I would like to, need to, share these with the rest of the world and hopefully sell a few along the way.


What do I need? Time, university teaching takes a lot of time. I need to design and build a website to show off my work and somewhere I can sell them. I can do this myself.


People who love art, obviously.

People who want to own something unique but may not be able to afford to pay a lot for it.

People who would like to ask for specific requirements that fit their own environment– color, size, materials used. 

The customer will get a completely unique piece of art at an affordable price. If they wish they can specify its size, the material it is printed on and the color range they would like to see it in.

The hard part

Getting noticed. Developing an audience. Connecting with the right people.

Time. Getting the time to move the project forward.

Producing the pieces is easy but getting them noticed… That’s something I hope this course will help me with. 

Repeating it

Sales through my (still to be built) website, maybe through online or physical galleries and via word-of-mouth.

The next step

This course. Hopefully a means to get things moving in the right direction.

Freelance or Entrepreneur?

Most definitely freelance. This is a very specific and personal project which wouldn't work in an entrepreneurail framework. Not for me anyhow.


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