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Generative design sketchbook.

Thy shalt plug oneself -

At university (3rd year of 4, B Design, COFA Sydney) were doing processing (as above) before getting into Arduino. While some people struggled or weren't that interested, I got all gung ho and started doing this course with Hype as well (And I'm on break and want to do the next one as well).

Just posting some of my play time right now with the below 3 images. What I want to work on is mostly inspired by traditional Japanese decorative motifs, cultural symbols, and contemporary colour pallets. But I've been working with simpler geometry and the grid with hype more than anything to make these soft simple experiments.

A couple of new images. I was thinking about what could take advantage of overlapping and created two different types of forrest with just 2 SVGs I quickly made. One is same size and structured. The other uses the technique I'm using above where you don't set a base point before randomly creating sizes (still using something like ((int)random(4)*50) though) so that not every space gets a tree.

Really liking that I can test ideas super quickly now. I see a lot of stuff with my processing class that you could have done in seconds in illustrator but took hours in processing, and that's so far from the point.

Kept playing and had an idea to take my ugly tree and cover it in ugly leaves to make something nice. So I used Shape layout and some leaves.

Win! So then I got a little cray and tried to throw these back into my grid. There were two outcomes. One is where I use the shape of the overall new tree and colour it as a whole. That's cool. The other is a blob that occurs from having leaves on leaves with no size distinction or colour variation to differentiate them.

Also need to sit through longer rendering times which is less fun.The blob.


But what I was lacking still was depth, and I was playing with shadow in processing earlier. The grid as we're using it won't have a go of it though, there's nowhere to insert shadow without breaking code into ugly parts, and I might as well start doing multiple things and compile in illustrator if that's what I'm after. So I tried to create a nicer SVG with a shadow on my tree to insert.

Oh, nice. Then I got rid of the enable style false, and I tried with and without colour changes being made in the program. The blobs happen the moment things touch though so I ditched those ideas of not including the colour changes. What happens then is it changes some, not others, and as I have the file set up with the shadow on one layer and the tree on another it changes them as whole parts, or if unchanged, not at all.

Again, lengthy loading times. Make sure you aren't loading anything that isn't going to appear on screen, and start smaller and grow how many assets you print.Close programs not in use ... all the normal stuff. Pulling these files into photoshop and illustrator can be painful.

Next step in my bad cliche is to put a wolf in the forest and a little girl in red at the edge of the frame.

New thing I'm working on.

I've been looking at Takeshi Murakami a lot, and I think it made me more open to going cracked-out crazy with my colours. Colours are actually from Chris Ware, really interesting comics artist. Shapes are my own which come from a dingbats font I've started based on post-war, now post tsunami Japan, and the ongoing dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures.

I'm doing a physical portfolio, and intend to use these patterns as my end papers.

The black version is the same code. They're edited in illustrator to get rid of weird clashes. The colour version has part where a couple of elements didn't sit nicely together, and others where the thinner areas with light colours needed to pop more. With the black version, it was more about ensuring line contrast is clearly defined. Some weirdness is cool, some is jank.

Now trying to get some of it lazer cut. Curious too see how it goes.


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