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Generative Mess

After hearing Joshua mention he usually leaves faces out of his projects I decided it might be fun to play around with something that was just faces and nothing else. 

I jumped onto pinterest and found this image. 

I then threw it into illustrator and used the "trace" function to make it black and white and pick out just the key details. 

It then looked something like this. I had some problems here though (being completely new to illustrator) as I couldn't seem to edit or move around any of the paths (I'm not sure if tracing an image even creates any editable paths but anyway). The only way I found to create paths for these shapes was to manually go over them with the pen tool. Is there a better way to do this?

I broke the different details out into different layers and dropped the image into a processing document. Following Joshua's code example I had a face with different colored details. Cool!

Then (with my very limited coding experience) I started trying to play around with the code. 

Here is the same bit of code just stuck in a for loop that cycles throgh 5 times and uses processes random() function to randomize the .loc(). 

Here's the exact same thing just running the for() loop 200 times. 

This is the combination I decided looked the coolest. This has a smaller random() position range. 


I made a simple square shape in illustrator that's made up of 4 triangles on different layers. I wanted to try and use HColorPool to turn it into a cool pattern. 


I then threw this in a couple of for loops, changing the position each time. Eventually after a lot of trial and error I had them all lining up, taking up the whole frame. 


After playing around with a few color pallets it started to look awesome. 


Another variation....

I thought it would be cool to try and combine this triangle pattern with HPixelColorist. After a lot of trial and error I finally got the colors to pull from a source image. 

The script now sets the location of the .svg. Pulls in 4 colors in a random, pre-definied area around the anchor point. Then randomly adds those colors to the .svg. The results are pretty awesome!

source image

Turns into....



turns into.....




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