Stefano Terranova

VIsual Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator



Generative Animations

[EDIT] There are some animated GIFs below, but they take a little bit of time to load, please be patient [/EDIT]

I knew that this class was going to blow my mind, I am totally hooked. Now I feel anxious about the near future, loosing my job, girlfriend and interest in personal hygene. Thanks again Joshua Davis for another awesome class!

Anyway, I am going to try to keep posting my progress. I am now half way through the course.

The first experiment is called Quantum Clock. It is a mix of HCanvas and autoAddToStage, HTimer and various HOscillator.

I think to understand that objects cannot be rotated or moved in 3D space when they belong to a HCanvas (I might be wrong). It is possible thou to move the HCanvas in 3D space, but it seems like it will move all the objects together.

Also I am extremely interested in publishing the sketches in real time to Syphon to be used with a VJ software and video mapping, but I cannot understand how I can pass the HCanvas or stage to Syphon. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

New animation, square dragon, I am planning to make this sound reactive soon


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