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Shane Michaels

Visual Designer



Generations of Storytellers


I'm Shane Michaels and I recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Design and web and video production. My background was mainly in print graphic design and my goal is to try to do more freelance work in video production. 

My portfolio of work is a mixed bag of print, web, photography, video, motion graphic and personal projects. I have my hands in a bit of everything but have yet to master any one thing to it's full potental. 

You may check out my new website at

I was hired on for a six month contract with a start-up company called Covestream recently and they asked me to come up with a short video that showed how people learn best by learning through storytelling. The company originally was going to do elearning videos that used this approach to teach courses. I came up with the original concept, did the storyboarding, hired talent, location scouting, filmed and edited and hired voice over talent and musical score to complete the project.

This has been my favorite piece of work so far because I was really out of my comfort zone and had to learn and work with limited resources on a very tight budget. The experience helped me grow and learn new skills. I created a website to document my process and show the video.

You may view it at Generations of Storytellers

I would like o collaborate with anyone in video production industry to produce compelling videos that leave the viewer with a memorable experience. 

I would appreciate any feedback on my work or advice on how to improve.





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