Generating traffic jam on social media platforms

Ideas meet reality this is our Motto

I am the owner of Fischer art+design, a born artist, active graphic designer, frustrated writer, singer… :) and programmer. This is something I outsource "Yay!" and my goal for this project/course is to be able to give substantial inputs when using Social Media in our campaigns for existing customers, startups and us.

Our project consists of telling a story about the whole process of starting up a new business publishing this on several social media channels. The goal is to post every week at the same time and new episode of our story, just like the weekly soap on TV where you are eager to know how the story continues.
Danica I would love to hear  your comments, ideas and inputs. Specially on the SEO section which I personally would love to get more tips.

Our existing platforms:






I am looking forward to your feedback, Danica. Thanks in advance ;)


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