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Genealogy Icons

I thought for a while about the subject of a set of icons or badges. I'm a freelance designer and I do all kinds of work for other people, so my first instinct was to design something around one of my clients, but ultimately I wanted to design something for myself. Something I could just play around with and not worry about an outside approval or a typical consumer based audience. In the end I chose to start with project with Genealogy in mind.

Family tree research is a hobby of mine, it appeals to the curious side of me and I love research and organizing things. Each piece of information I find about a distant relative is like a little artifact that fills in a bigger picture, dates are incredibly important as well as locations and written documents. 

WHO: myself and other genealogy buffs are the audience

WHAT: set of icons related to genealogy concepts and items

WHY: I imagine using these icons in my digial journally and records of the information that I discover


I created a mind map to explore the different pieces and styles of genealogy...

I've started sketching different items that I think would be useful icons. I've also started thing about how I might want to contain each item in a box of some sort.

Thinking About Different Badges

  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Grave Site
  • Immigration Point
  • Marriage
  • Important Church
  • Baptism
  • Homestead
  • Historical Record
  • Census Record
  • Family Bible
  • Family Story
  • Confirmed Connection
  • Unconfirmed Connection
  • Hospital
  • Mother
  • Father
  • County of Origin
  • Name Change
  • Military Service


Thinking about potential colors, styles, historical shapes and photos...


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