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Gender Identity

My name is Tom, freelance illustrator/designer and really looking forward to this class for a while.

So for this project I'm basing it on gender indentity disorder. Insipred by a friend who recently braved the world and came out with this, I have been wanting to do something on how it must feel for someone like them but not been quite sure what to do so I thought there would be no better time to do it.

...and Beyond

As I stated in Phase 3 I intend to make this a proper series and produce ten pieces. The second you cna now see below. The rest I will put on my blog from now on. Again feedback and comments welcome.

Phase 3 & Final Piece

So I watched the video and read the pdf for phase three and there was more stuff and tips in there that I don't know thanI thought there would be so that was great and has really helped me speed up this process. So below is my final piece, I decided to add a "hair" background but make it kind of surreal at the same time which is very my style. I struggled a bit with deciding on the colours because I didn't want it to look to feminine or masculine. I think it worked out pretty well and am pleased with it... I siad before I indtened to do further pieces on this subject and make a 10 piece project, which when finished will be viewbale on my blog, when I managed to finish tem all i'm not sure but hopefully now I should be much quicker and accurate when it comes to editing my pieces. Feedback is as always welcome, and I look forward to seeing everyone elses final pieces.

Phase 2

Thanks for everyones comments they are most welcome, I'm glad everyone seems to like to theme of the project.

Here is my chosen idea/image. I decided to go with the hiar ideas as I thought I could have a lot of fun with it, although I will probably use most if not all the other in the future to build on this project. (unfortunately I'm one of the unlucky ones whos scanner is broken so im woking from photos at present.)

Again let me know what you think, in the mean time i'll be working on phase 3.

Phase 1

So I researched exactly what it was and what people can go through; feeling trapped, confused, scared and not knowing what to do or who to open up too. I created a Pinterest boared for some of my research

NEW IDEAS... So now I've had a bit of time to think about this more I've come up with some better ideas for the my project. I have deceide not to go down the music road as the ideas I were coming up with couldn't be related to themvery well. So the new ideas are below...

So ye let me know what you think of the new idea, which ideas work and are best where you think of any that might work etc.

Cheers again



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