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Gender Distribution

Source: Blick am Abend

Due to the day of the women I analysed how often a women was mentioned by her name. I took a free newspaper from switzerland. in order to have some more dimensions and becaus of lack of content I decided to not limit it to one section. I have noted every name and added the sex, section and page to every name. I have first worked with Excel which allowed me to explore the dataset with the help of charts and pivot table.

in the "extend the data" lesson I have decided to expand the dataset over multiple sections. I have also tried to include the rolle of the mentioned person, but this appeared to be to diverse.

I have sketched some ideas, but I was not able to realize the sketches in Excel thats why I have tried RAW, which worked well for me even if the end result is quite far from the sketches.

For the visualisation I was looking for illustrator alteratives. I used Inkscape, which seemd to do it's job, I could modify the RAW charts and make a nice layout. But there is still a lot of room for improvements.











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