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Geekd University

"No Demographic, just a way of life" 

This phrase defines individuality, creativity and an experience you will have with Geekd University. We focus on not only providing various pieces throughout our collection but aim to add a creative spin that will help our customers stand out from the masses. The use of various color pallete will help us achieve that goal and not only that we focus heavily on the type of garments we use in a collection. Providing a garment that is not to heavy or not to light with the added plastisol printing, which gives the print the softest feel to any of our graphic tee. This will allow our current and potentional customers to believe that the product they purchase will last through the wash and wear cycle.

Geekd University is a lifestyle brand from an Intricate Mind State.  We are currently putting together our very first collection after putting out test samples of various designs throughout past few seasons. 

Our focus is to provide great quality products beginning with our t-shirt line then expanding into accessories, hats and cut & sew garments. We don't come from a particular background but we observe and use various forms of cultures as inspirations in our designs. We strive to provide simple but intricate pieces within our collections.

Everything will not be avialable at mass quanitites here at Geekd University we strive to provide great collections of work in limited quanitites per piece. Our goal is not to over saturate the market  but to build off each collection with new designs that bring a new story behind it. 

We are still learning from our successes and finding ways to improve in order to establish ourselves as a viable go to lifestyle brand. Geekd University is a brand and our logo is a insignia of who we are.

Color specified in our logo

Font Used for Word Mark

Button Design with our logo & Part of our wordmark as well.

Geekd University - "Black Canvas Collection"

Everything in this collection focuses around using a black canvas which we decided to focus on black tees, crews, hoodies and button-up. Our focus for this colection was to use simple but intricate designs to bring out different color variations by using blue, creams and greens or using black, red and whites throughout the collection. We were inspired by the color black and how colors stand out on a black canvas. Black is the staple any many collections but how we decided to use the garment to our advantage was to tell a story through a relaxed college style for fall but also be able to show off a up scale look with the button up.  

Tees - $25

Crew - $35

Hoodie -  $45

Button Up $75

(black chambray with dark grey chambray on the top with paisley print on top pocket, bottom sleeves and bottom of shirt)

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