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Sheina Yeheskal

Graphic Designer - and Granny



Gearing Up 4 SteamPunk

This was another fun project. I had some major difficulties with the Putting It All Together part.  One, because I used a different grunge pattern that I had somewhere.  I ended up using Live Trace and then doing Object > Expand about 20 times. Which helped me understand people who hate Live Trace. 

Also I am using CS5 - and the Transpartent Window just didn't work the same as it did in the video.  I used Object > Clipping Mask > Make instead.  It probably worked out the same in the end but it was tricky.  AND in one gear I had forgotten to Object > Expand the Stroke.  That was interesting. 

To give the gears depth I used the old trick of Copy 2x - make one darker and one lighter.  Lighter one goes up and left 2 px, darker goes down and right 2 px.

Again used the ColorWays: Some came out pretty bad, but these seemed the best. 

Gear Set #1  - think I like this one best. 



Gear Set #2 - this was the origional color set (I was trying for sort of gold, bronze,

and iron with red rust).


Gear #3 - Used the Random Satuation option.  The pinkish color was a surprize, but interesting. 



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