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Michelle G.

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Gear up for a great week!

This class was so awesome!  I had taken a different (not on Skillshare) class about using the rotate tool, and it never would work out for me.  Helen explained exactly how to use it, and then went over it several times, which really helped me get the hang of it.  Now I feel like I thoroughly understand how to use it. 

Then there was the added bonus of learning how to use textures - how fun! 

I had so much fun creating my project using the gears I drew in the class.   I had found this great big tractor gear in the shop at the ranch where I live.  It looked really cool, so I took a photo of it. (I tend to take photos of odd things like that!)   It weighed about 20 pounds!  (9 kg)  And it was covered in grease, so it wasn't really easy to move it to a good spot get the photo.  I cleaned up the photo in Photoshop, then brought it into Illustrator after I finished drawing my gears for the class.  I just replaced one of the drawings with the photo.

Then I added a little typography to make my own motivational poster! 



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