Gazdagrét, Budapest, Hungary

And here goes my final design. If I'm not fully satisfied with what I created I still like it and I think I could learn a lot by looking at your work, receiving feedback and checking out the links everybody shared so thanks a lot! Grét is a short version for Gazdagrét used mostly by young people and so the logo has 2 versions.

I didn't have much time but I think both ones need to be simplifyied and the second one just looks like a swimming pool logo. :) Oops.

And this last one was not among my initial scetches but I like it more because of its simplicity and the few number of colors used.


Here are my drafts for Gazdagrét's logo. Mostly I was looking for a visual element that only represents Gazdagrét and really distinguishes it from other housing estates. So in many cases you can see the shape of a big stone statue that stands on a small hill next to the roads entering the territory. : ) I have no idea who erected it (the stonehenge people?) and what it actually is (elephant?) but I'll look into that soon.

Also there's a characteristic fountain and its shape represents itself in the 3rd design. It's 21 years old (the estate is about 26) and called 'The power of earth'.

There's only one that could be from any housing estate: it's the third one which is an elevator control board, but it's still one of my favourites. The others I really do like is 1 and 2. I'm looking forward to hear your opinions!


Well, a 25 year-old housing estate on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. It's nothing special except for those who grew up here and I thought that this place deserves to be my topic. Surrounded by hills it's a small village on its own with people living on top of each other and sharing one big garden (almost literally as an orchard lay here earlier). If translated word for word Gazdagrét would be called Richfield in English.


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