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So I picked this cool, simple alternative movie poster for Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby.

I liked the movie but mostly I love the book, and the fantastic style of the 1920's and Art Deco.

So far so good, although I'm struggling a bit because of the suggested shapes - ones that appear through the appearance of the yellow background. That's part of what makes this immage so unique though, so I am enjoying working on it.

Also lots of symmetry so I get to "cheat" by using option+shift+drag and the reflect function ;)

I am also struggling because although I am a frequent illustrator user, I hadn't previously been exposed to very many tools so I always used the pen tool. So I'm challenging myself to use all the strategies explained in class instead of taking short cuts by using tools I already know.

Here is my original image, followed by some of my progress.

Day 1

Image 1: I started with the wheels and the bumper (which is on a hidden layer so as to not distract me). For the bumper I used the line tool and then added some anchor points to the top one to create the curves. I played a bit with the idea of using the paintbrush but was much too shaky for it to work. I did the wheels using large ovals and the eraser tool. I had fun with the Shape Builder tool to create the crescents inside the headlights.

Image 2: After the easy fun of making circles... Moving on to some difficult shapes, shown here in green. I settled for some strategies I wasn't super happy with but which more or less worked. It's a combination of warped rounded rectangles and ovals, with a line across the bottom. Decided to chronicle my progress and take it up again tomorrow! Good night!

Day 2

Back at it for a bit before going to work. Here is some of today's progress. Played mostly with the shape building tool - worked out some struggles with it.

Looking forward to getting back into it later.

Day 3

Finished my shapes! Can't wait to move on to the next part. Definitely feels like the shortcuts are starting to set in and some of the new tools have become clearer.

Here is my final image!


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