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GatherWell’s on a mission to help people who want to live well & green through online classes that also support green projects. Gatherwell believes everyone should be able to grow for good - supported in lifelong learning and an indivudal search for meaning and well-being.

A portion of the class fees will provide seed funding for the projects, which others can also back. We are focused on partnering with local, small- and medium-scale projects so we can build strong connections between people who want to have green experiences in their community (for example go on an urban farm tour) and people who can provide those experiences as rewards for supporting their work. The aim of the classes is to create the best education available online for living well & green. Each course will be taught by an established, expert instructor and contain several structured hours of content, with facilitated participant discussions. The aim of the funding is to propel great work to the next level of impact. Both projects leverage the power of technology but are ultimately about growing very human, authentic connections.

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Target Audience

Broadly speaking, Gatherwell's target audience is the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) segment. More specifically, the hypothesis is that two key sub-segments are the "Urban Foodie" and the "Eco-Parent". Thus far, we've fleshed out the Urban Foodie persona as follows (still working on the Eco-Parent): 


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    2. http://www.slideshare.net/MarketResearchcom/foodies-in-the-us-organic-natural-foodies

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