Gaston | Skillshare Projects

Lacie Webb

Designer | Portland, OR




Step One: Inspiration

For my inspiration I gathered various pieces from different artists, illustrators, and designers I follow. Many have that kind of retro, 50s-inspired style that I'd like to go for. I also really like the atmospheric environments and backgrounds that some of the pieces have, so perhaps I'll try to incorporate that into my final result since that is also a skill I'm trying to work on! You can view more of my inspiration here!

Step Two: Sketching

Finally picked my character! So many characters from Disney with so much personality, but I wanted to give a little love to one of the lesser loved character of my favorite movie Beauty and the Beast: Gaston. Even though he plays a pretty negative role in the film, you can't discount the guy's got confidence. So I started my initial phases of sketching Gaston. I want to work more this weekend with playing with his structure and exaggerating his features a bit more and make him more playful. For my brushes, I used Kyle Webster's Ultimate Brushes

Step Three: Shapes!

Step Four: Rendering!

Finally getting back to this! It's hard keeping myself on a regular schedule. I'm not quite done with the rendering just yet, but I thought I'd post a work in progress all the same!

Final Character!

Finally got some more textures in there and I'm very happy with the final result! This has been such a fun class! 


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