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I do work - People pay me

My skills are excellent (skills in marketing, public relations [pr and publicity stunts], social media and writing)

Need: graphic artist

Will work with: businesses and individuals who have something to offer that I am also passionate about, that makes people happy and has a brilliant story to it.

They get their story told and passion fulfilled past the brim - more than expected.

hard part: developing a personality that stands out more, putting a twist on my skills.

- 1. Connect with as many other professionals as possible for references.

2. Go to the people who want their business expanded, tell them how I will do it and how much I will charge for it and if they don't like my work after three weeks, they don't need to keep me on and will get a 10 percent refund

- 1. Work with people within the company to gain insight and develop the personality of the business

2. Only work with businesses I am also passionate about.

Build a portfolio of achievements. Take jobs that I need to learn for, and clients that are willing to experiement.


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