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Stephanie Scott Means

Creative Director



Gardening 101


I'm a traveler, and I've recently found myself in Oklahoma.  It's the first desert I've lived in, and also the first house that I've lived in since leaving my parents'. Gone are the days of just hanging a wreath on the apartment door and calling it decorated. I must learn to garden... in a desert. 

To be fair, I did have two balconies while I lived in Taiwan on which I attempted to grow flowers and herbs.  However, I suffer from black thumb, a fairly common affliction which renders the infected soul not only incapable of growing anything, but grants them the unstoppable ability to kill any plant they should rest their gaze on for a moment. 

I have killed bamboo. 

My first idea was to research flowering plants that grow in Zone 7 (Oklahoma) and their sun/shade preferences. 

When I had committed to the idea and started researching it, my brain whispered another idea, which I may find more interesting... Plant Literacy: Plants that appear in literature, which naturally led me to consider mythical plants. 

I found a list of the 100 most poplular plants and have started compiling data based on that.  I will see where the data takes me. 

I read in Wired magazine a few months back that since a lot of the older classical books are online now, Google created a database where you can look up words.  The examples I remember were "Vampire", "Frankenstein", and "Zombie." If I could find that database, I could use it to figure out the plants that are most prevalent in literary works and then illustrate them. I think that would be a great poster for every kid's wall. 



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