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My quote is, "and what a garden I have made," and it is from a Tallest Man on Earth song. The song is really quite morbid, but I don't mean that for my quote at all.  I just thought the line was lovely. 

My mood board looks absolutely chaotic but is a collection of vintage seed packs and other garden-y things. I found it very interesting how some of the seed packs used their type with the illustrations and I want to play with that a little. I also created a board of vintage signs that I thought would be interesting to reference in addition to the seed packets.  

For the warmup, I did the following 9 versions of the word "garden" from my quote.  

I've started on some very rough sketches, and that is where I'm at now!  I need to refine how I'm going to handle the non-dominate words instead of just writing them.  That'll come with further sketching!  

I picked a sketch to pursue a bit more, and I've done two more versions of it..

And I've also refined how I think I want Garden to look! 

Well, its been a very very long time since I updated this, but I just got back around to working on this some more, and I decided to change directions quite a bit once I took another look at it.  
Anyway, here's where it is right now, any suggestions are welcome!


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