Garden of Tara

Garden of Tara - student project

Thursday, May 30th (technically..)— Applying!

Well, I have to be up for work in 4 hours.. So I better start applying the design tomorrow :)

Garden of Tara - image 1 - student project


Garden of Tara - image 2 - student project

One color on a Clear label...? Not sure if i like it or not.

Garden of Tara - image 3 - student project

Wednesday, May 29th— Time Crunch!

I leave for Mexico on Saturday, so tonight was crunch time for me!

I started out with a new sketch and combined some of my favorite parts of ito to make this... Garden of Tara - image 4 - student project

Sketch + Photoshop =

Garden of Tara - image 5 - student project

Adding a little more of the vine-work to the type...Garden of Tara - image 6 - student project

Monday, May 27th—Texturing... 

Her request was to make sure it ties in floral or "garden" elements, so adding some illustration will be my next step. Prematurely texturing—I know, I know! ;)

Garden of Tara - image 7 - student project

Garden of Tara - image 8 - student project

Garden of Tara - image 9 - student project

Monday, May 27th—First Scan... Garden of Tara - image 10 - student project

Monday, May 27th—Mood board

Garden of Tara - image 11 - student project

Wow. It's the only word to describe the crazy awesome work I've already seen posted in this class so far. I'm excited to be pushed into making something I can only hope will be half as great as some of the work I've seen so far.

I've always been a perpetual letter doodler, but I've never taken a stab at really executing anything hand lettered. My sister, Tara, makes some PHENOMENAL salsa with ingredients straight from her garden and wants to start giving it away to friends and start selling it at the local farmer's market. I thought she was a deserving candidate for a special label for her salsa that will be packaged in a mason jar.

First step, coming up with a name. I liked the idea of the play on words of Terra, the latin word for Earth, and her name... So "The Garden of Tara" sounded pretty fitting to me. Let the doodles begin!

Mallory Simonds
Graphic Designer & Animator