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Garden of Eatin'

Our goal is to build an edible backyard garden that works in harmony with our local environment. We currently have 3 three citrus trees that border the west side of our garden (mandarin, orange, and lemon) and a lot of weeds in between there and our patio. We would also love to capitalize on the sun and build a vertical succulent garden. Perhaps start a compost bin under the stairs if that's not too disturbing to neighbors...

Other random (mostly) edible plants throughout the garden just because we felt like planting them and not with any rhyme or reason:

  • rosemary (on side skinny part)
  • oregano (on side skinny part)
  • grape vine (on side skinny part)
  • frais de bois (on side skinny part)
  • artichoke (on side skinny part)
  • succulent/dessert garden (on side skinny part)
  • chard (baby still)
  • parsely (going strong!)
  • beets (finally taking off)
  • carrots (in pot)
  • mint (in pot so it won't take over!)
  • jasmine (next to rabbit cage)

Annoyances in the garden (because they spread/take over/can't get rid of them):

  • Cala lillies (take over, all across the garden)
  • clover (the most frustrating!)
  • lots of shade off-season. best sun comes on patio area

Other features of our backyard:

  • Patio with patio furniture and portable fireplace and BBQ, water source
  • Nala the rabbit in her outdoor hutch
  • 2 bee houses (bees arriving next month and cared for by Bay Area Bee Company)

We put together some inspiration for our backyard garden on our Pinterest board.

Gardening style will probably be pretty relaxed. We don't have too much time to work on it during the week aside from watering and basic maintenance. Most care will take place on the weekend.

Still working on the garden sign :)

Rough layouts of our garden before actual stuff and after (they still need a bit more tweaking):

*still need to do the sun diagram... hopefully can get that together soon! :)


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