Garden kitty

Garden kitty - student project

Thank you so much for the detailed and informative class.  Lots of hard work involved, but it was very rewarding creating my own pattern!

My original artwork:

Garden kitty - image 1 - student project

Garden kitty - image 2 - student project

After cutting them out:

Garden kitty - image 3 - student project

After arranging, it becomes:

Garden kitty - image 4 - student project

And the finished work!

Garden kitty - image 5 - student project

When applied on mock-ups...

Garden kitty - image 6 - student project

Garden kitty - image 7 - student project

The pattern appears to be not seamless enough that when applied on other products other than phone cases, it's positioned a bit upward and not centered.

Thank you for reading. I am sure I will be revisiting the class for reference until I completely master it :)