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Vivian Aldridge

Instructional Designer at Golden Gate University



Garden fresh kale salad with tomato, persimmons, and mozzarella

Garden fresh kale salad with tomato, persimmons, and mozzarella

Serves one

1 kale leaf 4 inches long: chopped into little pieces. Not quite minced but pretty darn small

3 arugula leaves torn: each leaf is about 3 inches long. Tear these into 1/2 inch pieces. (This aruglua  is the Italian broad leaf variety)

1/2 small tomato: chopped

1/4 persimmon: peeled and chopped

3 mini mozzarella balls: divided in half

7 dried cherries

Dressing:  3 teaspoons of meyer lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste


Background: (I live 25 miles just south of San Francisco, along the bay)

The kale, arugula, tomato, persimmon, and meyer lemon are from my own garden.

I harvested the last of my tomatoes three weeks ago before the big rain storm. They

were green back then but they are red now. Yes, I know that sounds very strange to

have tomatoes in December…but it’s California. We are spoiled by temperate weather.;-)

The mozzarella and dried tomatoes are from Monrovia, California (about 400 miles from  me.)

I bought those two items from trader Joes

The olive oil was made in Los Altos, 20 miles south of where I live. I bought the oil at a Farmers Market.


Two challenges:

(1)   My challenge was to get to know kale so I sat down and ate a small plate of it, straight.

It’s hard to eat as a big leaf with the stem, but the flavor is fine. It does not have that much of a taste

just like ice berg lettuce does not taste like much. Kale has a hint of a spinach like flavor though.

I do recommend removing the stem and chopping the leaf portion down small.


(2)  I wanted my salad to be colorful. . The color orange and green look great together. I also

arranged the food items in concentric circles instead of mixing everything together. When one is trying to win friends over to kale, I think presentation is helpful :-)

(3)  I wanted to play with texture.  I especially like the creaminess of the mozzarella against the crunchy kale and persimmons. Not so sure if I liked the dried cherries. If I had no tomatoes I might have bought red grapes from the farmers market.

Thank you for the class!! I loved the videos and supporting documents. Oh, and I am also now using eEvernote Food, thanks to you.


--Vivian :-)

Foster City, California


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