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Garden Walk Florals

Mood Board/Theme:

I'm always brought back to the florals and botanicals.  I would like to try to incorporate herbs and gardening tools into this pattern, but as I collected inspiration, I found I was still leaning towards more plants and flowers.  I really love 70's style mod-flowers, but I want to try to make this more 'realistic.'

The colors I've chosen are ones I'm also always drawn to.  They are warm and inviting and I want the pattern to evoke these thoughts/emotions.  Please let me know what you think!


Digitizing My Sketches:

I don't feel like I did a terribly good job with digitizing.  I also had a lot of trouble with fill colors for some reason - I am really new to illustrator, but I've always had a fine time adding color to my illustrations.  This time, I kept running into filling the stoke with color or having an outline around the stroke, but not being able to completely fill in the shape.  It was quite frustrating and limited some of my color choices (advice welcome!!).


With these, it was difficult to decide what flower would be the 'hero' of the pattern.  I was really drawn to the firework-like flower, so I started with those and built around it.

Final Pattern:


Overall, I'm please with my final pattern.  I feel like the eye moves around the pattern well, and I think I did a good job of making the boarders pretty seamless.  I am worried that perhaps it's a bit too busy and maybe there is no one element that stands out enough?  I like the color pallete and found that making the mood board and choosing my colors to start was very helpful.  I decided to make the background a light yellow color and I think that pulled it all together.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Can't wait to continue to build upon this more.

I played around with color and created a secondary pattern to play off of the hero pattern:


I really like the blue/grey colorway.  What do you think?


Here is the secondary pattern, showcasing the firework flower.  I want to create a few other supporting patterns that are less busy.


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