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Garden Tools and Vegetables

After a lovely catch up with my friend Laura over a coffee last week, we decided to enrol on the same Skillshare class. We had chatted about different classes and realised we were both interested in the same pattern making class.

So we grabbed ourselves some art materials and went straight to the library.
We watched the course together and then grabbed a load of books for inspiration and reference. It turned into quite a productive and therapeutic morning!


Above picture: Starting out on our designs for the repeat pattern.

I chose to draw garden tools and vegetables. Going straight in drawing with the pen and not using a pencil was a bit daunting but the only thing I wasn't too happy about was the garden pot which I drew again and stuck over the top of the design.


Above picture: Original image before being cut up and before additional images were added.

I then coloured and cut up the image using the side by side method and then drew some more images in the gaps in the centre.


Above picture: The left image shows the original design before it was cut up.
The middle image shows the cut up design Reassembled using the side by side method.
The right image shows the Reassembled image using the side by side method as before with additional images drawn in the centre to fill any gaps.

I ended up scanning and cleaning up the image in Photoshop, defining the artwork as a pattern then creating a new layer in which I filled the pattern at a scaled size to fit the document. This way would work best for a simple side by side tiling pattern, but with the half drop method the tiles will likely need to be adjusted manually in Photoshop if putting it together it digitally.


Above picture: My repeat pattern using the side by side method, put together in Photoshop.


Above picture: My repeat pattern using the half drop method, put together by printing out and assembling pattern by hand and assembled on a door. 

I will put this together in Photoshop manually later on; I just thought it would be nice not to miss out on trying out more of a hands on approach to the pattern as in the course! It is good also to see the pattern at a larger size rather than on the screen and judge how the pattern looks.

Overall I think the two designs came out ok. Athough I'm sure there's always room for improval!
On hindsight I wonder if the objects should have been drawn all at the same scale or if this doesn't matter too much? What do other people think?

Creating these hand drawn wallpaper designs have been fun and addictive!
I have so many ideas for more at the moment and with different colour schemes. Since my initial project I have tried out designs for a Valentines theme, cocktails/ drinks, sewing and makeup.

I think so far the artwork for the sewing repeat pattern is going well. The objects are more of a similar scale and I prefer the drawings as I spent more time on them.

I now need to draw on the white areas of the re-arranged tiles then re-scan. I think I cut the original slightly wrong so I am going to work with a scan instead in Photoshop.


Above picture: Here is my other attempt in working progress; I have re-assembled the design so that it is side by side. The design on the bottom right is just a test at the moment as I still need to fill in the white areas with more artwork on the cut up version as seen on the left.

I have found this course very insightful into how the pattern process is made in a simple and traditional way; this has been a fun and helpful starter project for me in Pattern design.
It was also great fun and motivational working on this class together with my friend!

As I do a lot of traditional work I have really enjoyed the hand drawing element in this class. I enjoy being able to draw freely and then use Photoshop to put together artwork. Seeing the final result is great!

I hope to keep on making these kinds of patterns in future and learn more about pattern makingimprove my work and create better eye catching patterns. 
It would also be good to see what products I can print my designs on in the near future. 

Thanks again Julia for the great course which was very enjoyable, really liking your work also!

I welcome any feedback from everyone!




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