Garden Pattern for Leo (who loves being in the garden)

Loved seeing Elizabeth's inspiration, her collection of patterns and her process. Fun and inspiring class!

My nephew's 2nd birthday is coming up so I decided to make something for him. He's pretty into diggers and gardens. I ended up sketching lots of gardens bits and pieces, more than I planned to, and in the end thought a big digger would be out of place.. Ok - honestly I was just having more fun drawing bugs and plants than tools and heavy machinery!

I used my iPad to sketch, but liked the idea of starting with pencil first so I made the first sketches with Adobe Sketch (which raster based) then went over them with Adobe Draw - which is a vector program, but so far only has a kind of blob brush tool, not a regular brush to make outlines, like Inkpad. I knew this would mean the lines wouldn't be consistent over all the elements I'd sketched but I was curious to see what kind of look it would end up with. I'll use Astropad to draw directly into Illustrator next time. Just downloaded Inkpad - keen to give that a try too.

I'm still playing with the colours and (Elizabeth used the perfect word -) massaging the pieces into different arrangements.

Hope to get some wallpaper or fabric maybe for a cushion or hat made up for Leo soon!










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