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Garden Party

This class was very enjoyable and I learned so much regarding surface pattern design. I've always been interested in learning how to create patterns and I'm really glad Bonnie taught a class on Skillshare!

My preliminary sketches are from floral and general subjects are items I found while walking around my neighborhood. I found a variety of flowers such as: Irises, Peonies, Tulips, Peach Blossoms, etc. 


I didn't really up come with a mood board as I had a general idea in my head of the color palatte I wanted to use, which you can find below.


Once I determined my swatch palatte, I went ahead and started tracing my ornaments in Illustrator. After finding which elements to use, I then went and started laying out my pattern!




Here are the different swatch patterns Illustrator came up for me which I liked a lot. And below is the final result:


Overall, this was a great class and I thouroughly enjoyed it! I hope to continue to make more complex and interesting patterns!


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