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Garden Markers

Man! I've had a hard time narrowing down my thoughts to a collection that I really want to work on. When the sky is the limit I find I have a very hard time making up my mind.

I keep coming back to gardening... It's April and all I want to do is start digging out a fresh plot for my garden, but in true Colorado fashion it is snowing again. When looking up some quick inspiration on garden icons I was underwhelmed, so I'm excited to make this my topic. I did enjoy some of the vintage seed packets I found, but they're so detailed.

I want them to have a vintage flair. I'm also limiting myself to plants I will actually put in my garden...that way I can use the markers!


Here are my initial sketches. I definitely think breaking some of the more complex organic shapes into simple geometric shapes will be part of my challenge. I think it'll come easier once I start creating pieces in Illustrator.

I've also been trying to narrow down the shape I want my markers/badges to take.

Any thoughts/opinions?


4.24.13 UPDATE

This is where I'm at now.

I think I've decided on my overall badge shape, which feels kind of like a terrarium vase, I played around with a few others first before I decided this one seemed to fit best.

I also went for a sort of Split Complementary color palette with red, yellow-green and blue-green. I hope they pull off the vintage feel I was wanting. Thoughts from anyone?

Excited to take any feedback from you all and flesh out the rest of my markers.



4.26.13 UPDATE

I've got two more badges in my set. It has definitely been interesting trying to make sure the look on each plant feels cohesive.


4.29.13 UPDATE

I've completed my garden marker set. I'm open to any thoughts and suggestions for improvement. Thanks!


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