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Garden Enfield

This is a brand identity exercise that i undertook at work. Sadly the client decided to go with another firm after we pitched our creative. A brand identity would have been required so am keen to explore how i would have executed it and see how it compares to the eventual creative route they chose.

Here's the logo that I came up with:

Here's the creative brief:

Enfield Council are launching a new service which gives local residents the ability to buy locally produced organic fruit and vegetables as well as take part in education and participation programmes.

To encourage local residents to consider locally grown produce as a viable alternative to the supermarket and encourage them to support a local community industry.

Target Audience
Residents within the borough of Enfield who are responsible for the household food shopping.

Garden Enfield offers local residents quality, organic fruit and vegetables which are grown by the local community.


  • National supermarket chains (Sainsbury's Tesco, Waitrose, etc)
  • Fruit and Veg box delivery websites (Abel & Cole, Riverford, etc)

Distinguising Characteristics

  • Produce is grown within the local area (this means low food miles)
  • Produce is grown by local residents (this encourages community spirit and gives residents more skills and opportunities)
  • As a council run operation, any profit is reinvested in education and participation schemes (this means that money stays local and improves outcomes for local communities

Creative Considerations

  • The brand identity must work alongside the existing council identity
  • They like the idea of using the strapline 'from our patch'
  • It will need to be applied to packaging

Tone or Key Words

  • Local
  • Wholesome
  • Friendly
  • Rustic

Here's the mood board that the client supplied. I felt at the time that it was too focused on their competition and the food industry. Now having seen the videos here, i plan to put together my own one that hopefully reflects the brief better.


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