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'Gangster' mage thumbnails

So, this is my thumbnails…

I thought it wouldn't be as easy as it seems to be and I was right :D 
It's quite challenging for the moment to draw a lot of both different and interesting poses, but I just need a little bit more practice! Hope next thumbnails will be better ;)  

Gangster Mage

I decided to keep it simple from the start, 'cause I can imagine what I want from this thumbnails at the end of the work (or I think I know...). The main idea about this 'gangster' is that he don't have any complicated clothers or smth, so focus was mostly on the pose. He also will have guns, I suppose. Setting for this 'Mage' is more like our real world than LotR. Should I say he is like the-guy-from-xmen-world? :D
I'm thinking about sci-fi + art  deco combination even I don't know how it turns out…

upd: Each silhouette is now numbered :) 


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