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Gamify ED

Remember when you were in school? You probably sat in a desk , took notes, while listening to your teacher lecture. Your main goal was to memorize the notes and pass the test and if you were anything like me, that knowledge slowly seeped out of your brain, lost to you and the world. What if education could change to something that is fun and dynamic? That is structured like your favorite video game? Where you earn experience points rather than grades? You earn skills in order to defeat that boss (test) at the end of the level? Where you discover the content of your lessons by going on quests, these quests would then allow you to interact with your guild (classmates)? Where you are learning what is required of the course but still having fun? 

Well this site would allow educators to set up their classes as a game. They would have the ability to give experience points, badges and money to students. Teachers would be able to assign quests, check class and student progress. 

Students would be able to view their progress in real time.Show their ranking on a class leaderboard. Earn, trade and purchase items that will help them on their various quests. Customize their profile to show their avatar, badges and information about themselves. Best of all they would have an option to create a portfolio that displays their accomplishments and matches those accomplishments to state standards. 

Gamify ED would simplyfy the gaming experience in the classroom, allowing more time for students to learn and teachers to teach and interact with the class. 


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